The head coach of Brazil national Football team

 Apr, 18 - 2019   Uncategorized

Tite, the head coach of Brazil national Football team, has come for some severe criticism after the result of the Panama game which didn’t end as a Brazil victory, contrary to the expectations.

It was a surprising result because Panama’s world ranking is far, far lower in comparison to Brazil’s. The Selecao were expected to be pretty clinical against their comparatively weaker opponents and get better of them without breaking too much of sweat, but as it turned out, both the teams could secure one goal apiece and it was a draw.

The fans were not too amused with this result as the team is in the final stages of its preparation for the upcoming Copa America and have just one more game to play before entering the tournament.

But Tite is shrugging off the criticism as according to him, people always have different perspectives in sport and it’s not that he needs to pay attention at everything that is being said about him or his team and needs to defend it.

Tite also doesn’t think that there will be onus on his boys in the Czech Republic match to make sure that their performance is up to the mark so that the coach is not under pressure ahead of Copa America.

The 57-year old opines that the international players, whichever country they represent, none of them goes out on the pitch and performs for the sake of their coaches. Everyone does so for the sake of their countries and for the sake of themselves because doing well for their countries gives them the highest level of satisfaction.

“Athletes don’t play for the coach, they play for the Brazil national team, they play for Brazil.” Tite was quoted saying by FOX SPORTS.

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