Spanish National Football Team Doctor Denies Costa’s Injury Issues

 Oct, 31 - 2014   Uncategorized

Spanish national football team doctor J.J. Garcia Cota has denied allegations of Diego Costa’s injury problems whilst the footballer was with them. Chelsea manager Mourninho has publicly criticized the Spanish team for calling Costa while Mourninho declared the attacker not fit enough since he returned from his national team.

Costa would be coming back from his injury issues this weekend- yet the Portugal chief has earlier claimed that the Spanish international has been bogged down with groin and hamstring injuries while he was away from his club.

However, the Spanish team doctor has denied all claims forwarded by the Chelsea chief, insisting that there wasn’t any wrong with the Spanish attacker, besides an insignificant groin twinge.

“This time Costa did not mention anything regarding his hamstring”, stated the Spanish national football team physician. “When he came to us he informed of minor trouble in his groin, yet that wasn’t anything vital.”

Dr. Cota further stressed that the very injury which the Chelsea manager claimed as a big issue for Diego was no more than some slight hassle that is very usual for any footballer- & do not call for any scan or such similar things.

The Spanish doctor’s version is completely the opposite of what brought fore by the Chelsea chief. According to sources, it could be that the famous manager was scared of a similar fate with Costa as what happened with Loic’s Remy’s latest groin injury- that pushed him out of the matches for as many as 14 days. Costa is really vital for Chelsea and his absence might prove to be hurting for the team. He has scored nine goals that tied him with Atletico striker Aguero right on top of Premier League’s goal roster.  Moreover, Mourninho is not that confident about Drogba as well.

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