Brazil Team Coach Tite Signs A New Contract

 Aug, 31 - 2018   Uncategorized

Despite the disappointment faced at the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, the CBF was not ready to let go Tite due to his popularity and high rate. The Brazil coach Tite was offered a 4 and a half year contract to the Brazilian Football Confederation into the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The CBF has decided to invest in a long-term contract to guarantee the technical commission with 6 and half years as the Selecao head. This statement was made by the executive director of management of CBF Rogerio Caboclo. As per him, the best results for Brazilian football can be expected when there is proper planning and timely execution.

Tite became the coach for the CBF in 2016. The former manager of Corinthian turned everything so quickly, which made Brazil win for the first time and it qualified for Russia. In spite of arriving as joint favorites the team did stutter in the group stage, which made them draw their initial game and win the other two in a not so convincing manner than they were actually used to. The team defeated Mexico with 2-0 but was not lucky as they were knocked out by Belgium which was one of the great tournament matches.

Tite tried to avoid the reaction shown by others who greeted the Brazilian team when they failed to make it to the World Cup in the finals. The team no doubt has a huge fan, follower group and they were keen to see Tite stick to his current role as a coach. Most of his staffs like the former Arsenal player will continue to be alongside Tite as confirmed by the CBF. Tite said that it was the CBF that gave them situations which helped them create an environment of professionalism and unite and he wishes to continue doing so. It is indeed a tough challenge yet he is happy to face it, by focusing mainly on the next games as well as tournaments.

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